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LTB Design Contract

1.All charges are in either in US$, CDN$ or NIS depending on location of the client. All international clients outside of the USA, Canada or Israel will be charged in US$.

2. Initial Design concepts
1. Upon acceptance of the initial quote, LTB Design will contact the client to further clarify their vision and style choices.
2. If the quote must be adjusted it will be done at this time.
3. The buyer will be advised of the change within two (2) business days and asked if they want to proceed.
4. LTB Designs will proceed with creation of samples only after the intent to proceed (see #4) with the adjusted quote is received.

3. Idea Samples
1. Once their is a signed agreement to proceed LTB will provide the buyer with two (2) different ideas from which to choose.
2. Samples will only be provided once a signed agreement to proceed is on file.
3. All samples will be sent to the buyer within three (3) business days and will be watermarked with the LTB Design logo.
4. Samples are no obligation and do not constitute a binding arrangement between the client and LTB Design.
5. Buyer may choose to request additional Idea Samples. Unless prior arrangements are made all further idea Samples include a $20 USD charge.

4. Intent to Proceed documentation
1. Once a sample is chosen LTB Design will require an “Intent to Proceed” (ITP) document to remain on file.
2. “Intent to Proceed” document includes all financial obligations and is a binding obligation between LTB Designs and the client.
3. ITP document will include a personalized contract between LTB Designs and the client that must be signed by the client prior to any work being completed.
4. If there is a deposit it must be paid at this time.

5. Revisions
1. Once a sample has been chosen the client is entitled to up to two (2) major revisions free of charge.
2. Any additional major revisions unless by prior consent will be $25 per hour.
3. Typography errors on the part of the client will be charged as major revisions
4. Typography errors on the part of LTB Designs will not be charged as major revisions.

6. Stock Photography
1. The buyer is responsible for the cost of all stock photographs or images.
2. All said costs must be paid at time of purchase.
3. Said costs are non-refundable.
4. LTB Designs is unable to use any stock photos or images purchased by the buyer in any other work.
5. All images purchased for the client by LTB Designs become the property of the buyer.

7. Final Product
1. Upon completion of work a “Final Sample” will be sent to the client together with an final approval document.
2. Final Sample will be watermarked.
3. The remainder of payment is due at this time.

8. Final Approval
1. LTB Designs will not proceed with printing until Final Approval document is received.
2. Once the Final Approval document is signed any future revisions will be charged at the hourly rate of $25 an hour (1 hour minimum).

9. Final product will be delivered to the buyer in predetermined form.
1. Any purchased stock photography or other images will be sent to the client at this time

1. Any requested materials that are to be printed by LTB Design will be printed at a professional printer unless otherwise stated and agreed upon.
2. All printed materials will be printed and shipped within five (5) business days.

11. Shipping
1. All shipping will be by registered mail and cost of shipping (if applicable) will be included in the final quote.
2. LTB Design takes no responsibility for any import, export or delivery related fees above and beyond the agreed upon price.
3. The buyer may opt to receive the printed materials through a shipping service such as UPS or Fed/Ex. In this case, the buyer is responsible for all costs.
4. Insurance is optional but for your benefit it is highly recommended. LTB Design cannot be held responsible for damage during shipping.

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LTB Design: Helping you 'Look The Best!'

LTB Design: Helping you "Look The Best"!